Anybody can paint

Bottle Art

What if I say anyone could paint. Does that come as a shocker?

Well, it doesn’t have to.

Bottle painting can seem exhausting, especially with holding the bottle in the right angle, making the right brush stroke and probably more.

But follow these easy guides to get the bottle of your imagination in just a few hours.

It is confusing to choose paints, when it comes to multiple types of them already existing. So let’s go acrylic. Don’t worry, they dry faster than any other and will make you look like a pro painter if you use them.

Next can be tricky, the brushes. From flat to round to pointed are other confusing part of painting.

But hey, how about we draw a bunch of pleasant flowers on our bottle. Soothing to see, soft to touch and appealing to the eye.

The perfect fit is a round brush. But we may need an extra flat brush for setting the base.

And the last is a varnish spray. For the final shine.


A foundation to start

For any colour to look flamboyant, we need to set up a contrasting base. And the base here is white. Once the bottle is painted single coat of white with a flat brush, then it’s drying time of an hour. You could feel the sticky white dissolving to become a dryer texture reducing its pungent smell.

The bottle is still going to look semi transparent which brings us to the second coat. This time, it is going to be a mixture of white and skin tone colours. We mix both together and paint the bottle using flat brushes. And we wait. The next 30 minutes.

Making the masterpiece

Pencils are added help when it comes to drawing outlines. (NOTE: Do not apply force while drawing, this may cause paint to peel off from the bottle). Once petals of different shapes are drawn on the bottle, then comes the round brushes. It becomes soothing an activity once you start filling those petals with colours. An exciting 20 to 30 minutes of wait, and then,

The final shine

Here is where you use a varnish spray. It is optional. But I insist, only if you want to see the gloss on your flower petals on the bottle.

Voila! You have your masterpiece!

Art Materials

1. Faber Castell – Acrylic paint

2. Camel Kokuyo Artist Paint Brush

4. Camel Paint Brush

3. Camel Artist’s Picture Varnish


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