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The thought of painting could be intimidating for a first timer.

It’s more like a stroke of magic. Once you get the flow, the rest is history.

Painting something like a Kathakali dancer and capturing the right level of emotions can seem unnerving. But follow these simple steps and you are good to go.

Let’s begin with the definite- choosing the image. Unless your visual memory is picture perfect – crystal clear, that you can do without.

Now let’s go primitive. Get the classic lead into play.

Draw the outline of the image with yes the help of our dear old friend- the pencil.

Next we bring in the dashing slender instrument that knows how to smoothly pull off just about the right amount of curves- the pointed brush.

Go ahead and easily pace over the pencil marked outline.

After that’s done, then comes separating the different parts of the image or art according to the different dominant colours. This is majorly done with the broad brushes.

The plot thickens.
Here’s where the art really comes to life- by adding strokes of shades to the features- around the eyes, cheeks and chin, using a mix of black and red to create the depth and the contrasting effect.
You can alternate between the narrow and the broad brushes.

Now we enter into the satisfying climax- the ultimate background story.
You can either go ahead and use the background colours – black, brown and green as in the image or choose what fits you best.

And there we have it – life in its numerous shades.

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