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Mandala art is a geometric design that holds a great deal of symbolism in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Mandala art is a Sanskrit word for “magic circle”.

People believed that Mandalas represent different aspects of the universe and are used as instruments of meditation and symbols of prayer most noticeably in China, Japan, and Tibet.

Mandala art is very popular like other famous paintings in history.

Basically mandalas are circles contained within a square and arranged into sections that are all organized around a single, central point.

Mandalas are typically produced on paper or cloth and drawn on a surface with threads, fashioned in bronze, or built-in stone.

Mandalas hold symbolic and meditative meaning beyond their vibrant appearance.

In Modern Age, the mandala is a diagram, chart, or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a time-microcosm of the universe, but it originally meant to represent the full model for the organizational structure of life itself. A cosmic diagram that represents the relation to the infinite and the world that extends beyond and within minds and bodies.


Step 1

Draw the outline of the subject with a pencil

Step 2

Once the outline is completed ,highlight the picture with the use of a drawing system pen, gel pen or a marker.

Watch the Video.

Step 3

By now your work should be complete.


Once your work is done, You can frame the same.

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