Pencil Drawing

Step 1

Draw your selected object/picture by using a light shade of pencil on the drawing sheet.

Step 2

Once your drawing is completed, next is the shading. Create shades by making pencil strokes starting from the outline of the drawing gradually progressing into the inside. Shading techniques are crucial for pencil sketches. Don’t try to put a hard pencil stroke; it will not give a good effect on drawing. Be gentle, and use a dark shade of pencil or charcoal for a dark effect on drawing.

Step 3

Use a lighter shade of pencil for shading the internal part of the drawing.

Step 4

After completion of shading you may use an engineer pencil with dark shade for outlining the object. It will have a nice effect on your drawing.

Step 5

Once your drawing and the shading is done, you can now draw any background either with a lighter shade or with darker shade of pencil as per your choice.

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