Abstract Texture Paint

Step 1

Apply a coat of white acrylic paint on stretched canvas board using wall paint brush.

Step 2

When its semi dried, apply persian blue lightly all over the canvas.

Step 3

Once the paint is completely dried, give a coat of solid turquoise blue and a coat of turquoise blue + white mixed to show the transition of colors on canvas .

Step 4

Once its dried, apply sculpture paste wherever you need using knife palette.

Step 5

Once dried give a coat of black, blue and white .

Step 6

Now you can give the black and green highlights like in the picture.

Step 7

Once the paint is completely dried, apply glue and wait for 2mins to paste the gold foil on top of it.

Step 8

Once dried, dust out the rest of the gold foil.

Step 9

Apply two coats of varnish for the final sharp effect.

Note: There is no rule in painting, simply enjoy the process.

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