Canvas painting with acrylic colours

Acrylic colours are one of the best medium for an artist. It is not expensive as compared to oil colours and quickly dry. It is a good option for beginners to start painting with acrylic colours. Acrylics are appropriate for any type of surfaces like canvas, board, paper, metal and even on glass.

here, I am going to discuss about canvas painting by using acrylic colours. You may select any shape and size of canvas as per your choice and requirements.

Step 1 : apply 2-3 coat of gesso on your canvas to prepare the surface to prevent the paint from draining as well as to make the surface thick. Gesso helps to blend the colours perfectly. After you have applied a first coat or second coat of gesso, wait for each layer to dry, and then you can apply your first coat of acrylic colours.

Step 2 : It is always a good idea to paint your own reference picture or thoughts which you wants to show through your artwork.

Draw your reference picture with pencil on canvas after gesso get completely dry. Drawing is an important step for any painting! Not all artists do that, but it will help to get the perfect shape and position of your reference picture. If you wants to paint landscape painting like me, then initial drawing will help you to get perfect spot for each object of your reference picture and give a chance of correction during the process of painting.

Step 3 : let your canvas little wet from its back side with the help of spray bottle. Wetting the back of the gessoed canvas helps wets the front of the canvas enough to keep acrylic paint wet and workable for longer and also helps to blend the colors better.

Grab some colour on your palette and mix a little amount of water with the colour. You may directly apply it on canvas for giving texture effects to your painting.

  • Use a wet brush (remove extra water with the help of dry cloth) to apply the paint as thin layers on top of the selected areas of your picture.
  • You can also use an acrylic medium instead of water. Gloss and Matt both acrylic mediums are available in the market.
  • Be gentle with your brush and choose lighter shades first and then go on with darker shades.
  • To obtain lighter colors, add water (if you use white colour for making your colours lighter it will become opaque)
  • Don’t forget to let each layer of paint dry before applying the next one: This allows your colors and touch to remain fresh and sharp.
  • You need to mix and blend some colours to get your perfect shade for your painting.

Step 4 : The final step involves adding the elements that put life in your painting.

  • Strengthen colors, add volume and highlights.
  • Use black or white gel pen for fine details if required.

Step 5 : Don’t forget to paint sides of the Canvas otherwise it will look unfinished.

Step 6 : It is essential that you should varnish your completed acrylic paintings. The varnish will protect the painting from dust, UV rays and yellowing. It adds a layer of shine on painting.

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