Water Color

Step 1 – Choose Your Scene.

Decide a subject on what you would like to a watercolor art from a reference image or create an imaginary one. I am doing a small coffe shop.

Step 2 – Sketch Your Composition

Lightly sketch the coffee shop scene on your watercolor paper using a pencil. Pay attention to the placement of elements you want to include.

Step 3 – Mix Your colors

  • Prepare a palette with the watercolor paints you’ll use. Start with the colors you’ll need for the coffee shop’s interior and exterior. Create a range of colors for walls, furniture, and decorative elements.

Step 4 – Begin Painting

  • Start by wetting the paper slightly with clean water using a large brush. This helps the colors to blend more smoothly.
  • Begin painting the background elements such as walls and the sky. Work from light to dark colors and allow each layer to dry before adding the next.

Step 5 –  Add Details

Gradually add details like coffee cups, people, and any other elements in the coffee shop. Use a smaller brush for finer details.

Step 7 – Texture and Texture

Use techniques like dry brushing, splattering, or lifting color with a clean, damp brush to create texture in your painting. This can mimic the texture of wooden furniture, brick walls, or other surfaces.

Step 8 – Final Details

After the painting has dried, add any final touches, such as signages, window reflections, or subtle texture to objects.

Step 9 – Let It Dry

Allow your painting to dry completely. This might take a few hours to a day depending on the thickness of the paint.

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