Mandala Art

The word mandala is derived from the Sanskrit language which means “circle.” Mandala demonstrates geometric symbols used in spiritual, emotional, or psychological work to focus one’s attention. Mandala symbolises the quest for inner peace and mental stability.

Step 1 – To begin with – Arrange tools

For mandala art you have to arrange some tools like paper (watercolor paper, acrylic paper or canvas), drawing compass, pencil, rulers, protractor.

Step 2 – Center point

Measure out your paper and pick a point that is the center of the page, mark that point with a pencil so that you can erase it later.

Step 3 – Drawing circles

Use a drawing compass to draw a circle around the centre point. Measure distance from the center point and draw a series of circles around this centre point. It is not necessary that each circle should be in the same distance, it totally depends upon the design which is in your mind to create.

Step 4 – Draw the axis

With the help of protractor, mark dots in each degree along the outer edge, with a straight line running from 0° to 180° around the circle then with a ruler, draw lines going through the centre point by touching the dots of degrees to the last circle of your paper. This will form symmetrical triangles coming from the centre point. They can help you to line up your design around the centre point.

Step 5 – Draw the design

Start drawing your design within each circle and triangles using a pencil. The base which you have created i.e. circles and lines, help you to design any pattern in an equal size and in perfect shape. This design could be a leaf, flower, triangles or any other geometric patterns.

Step 6 – Colouring

It’s upon you to either colour your mandala design or leave it in simple black and white. You can colour it using any kind of medium like Watercolour, Acrylic Colour, Sketch Pens, Colour pencils/pens etc.

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