Abstract Painting

The elements. All art consists largely of elements that can be called abstract—elements of form, colour, line, tone, and texture.

Modern abstract art was born early in the 20th century. It was completely radical for its day. Artists began to create simplified objections with little or no reference to the “real” world.

The father. The first artist to create abstract art as we know it will always remain a mystery but Wassily Kandinsky is often credited by historians as he created paintings of floating, nonrepresentational forms as early as 1912. His work brought abstraction to America during the Armory Show in 1913.

The present. Abstract art now lives in the art world in many forms. Abstract art can also be made with many materials and on many surfaces. It can be used in concert with representational art or completely abstract. Artists creating it often focus on other visual qualities like color, form, texture, scale and more in their nonobjective work.

Step 1

Draw an outline of the picture with a pencil.

Step 2

Give a base colour of light yellow on the face.

Step 3

Highlight the face with red, pink and white as on the given image.

Step 4

Fill the background with persian and turquoise blue, also highlight the flowers with shades of white and blue.

For the final step, go ahead and sprinkle white paint!

And voila! The final masterpiece is ready !!!

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